Five Years On

In 2013 Cyclone Oswald hit the Bundaberg region bringing with it a trail of destruction estimated at $2.4 billion. This resulted in the highest flood in recorded history (since 1893) with the Burnett River peaking at 9.52m on the 29th January. More than 2,000 homes and close to 700 businesses were inundated with water, forcing the biggest evacuation in Queensland history. Hinkler Central was indundated with mud, silt and floodwater which resulted in the closure of the entire Shopping Centre for four months.

The recovery process included a damage assessment, full defit of stores and the Centre including drying and decontamination, reinstallation of gyprock walls and fixtures, programmed refit of over 60 stores, and full restock of the entire Centre.

Our Community Stories

Bundaberg’s darkest hour brought out the best in the region, and we’ve asked local community members to share with us their stories through the devastation. Listen to their stories in the video below.

Moving Forward

Behind the scenes, Hinkler Central has made many changes to reduce the risk from future weather events. We have installed a flood barrier system for the duration of the wet season as a precaution to protect Centre entrances and equipment. To view more information and see how the Flood Barriers are installed click here.

A major construction project has commenced at Hinkler Central. The Fire Control Room which houses the fire system for the Centre will be permanently moved from Barolin Street to the top deck car park. This will ensure that in the instance of a major weather event, this system will continue to operate as normal. The project will take place over the coming months, and a minimal amount of car parks will be blocked off for public use during construction. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.